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A Miracle

Recently, our family experienced a miracle. We were given the gift of a baby girl named Mia, a first grandchild for us. It is truly a wonderful feeling to hold that baby in your arms for the first time (and … Continue reading

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  To young children, they are playmates, fixers, cheerleaders, and absolutely essential. As those children grow into teenagers and young adults, fathers become a ‘can’t live with them, can’t live without them’ kind of person. They become the watchdogs and … Continue reading

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A Resolution

  As you may or may not have noticed, I had taken a hiatus from blogging. Not because I‘ve given up on writing – far from it, I write all the time. At first, I think it was due to … Continue reading

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A Wish

I finally have a day at home where I don’t have to overindulge – a day that I can put my feet up and share a few thoughts. Over the past few days, we had our celebrations with both sides … Continue reading

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I woke up this morning to a fine layer of snow blanketing our cars. Throughout the day, we saw occasional flurries. Yes, we live in Quebec, but seriously…it’s the 16th of May! This led me to think about climate change, … Continue reading

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Erin go bragh

On this eve of St. Patrick’s Day, many of our family, friends and acquaintances, whether of Irish descent or not, are thinking about how they will commemorate the occasion. The best part about St. Patrick`s Day is that everyone is … Continue reading

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Back to Reality

It’s mid-January already. I look at the calendar in wonder. How did we get here so fast? After at least a month of preparation for Christmas, we finally get to celebrate the big day (the celebration actually goes on for … Continue reading

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How thankful should you be?

On this Canadian thanksgiving weekend it’s only natural, and even expected, to reflect upon the things we are thankful for. Last night, I spent the evening with the McCarthy side of the family to celebrate and eat too much. It … Continue reading

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A Bittersweet Autumn Day

Yesterday, we took advantage of the chance to recreate some memories of times when the kids were younger. We took the day off and headed to a farm for some old-fashioned apple and pumpkin picking. It’s something we hadn’t done … Continue reading

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