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A Wish

I finally have a day at home where I don’t have to overindulge – a day that I can put my feet up and share a few thoughts.
Over the past few days, we had our celebrations with both sides of the family, which involved a lot of eating, drinking and be merrying, and I have to say it’s been a great holiday season for us so far. We received an early and very welcome Christmas gift when our oldest daughter, Rachel, arrived home on December 6th, all the way from Whistler, B.C., without spilling the beans. What a surprise! And what a thrill to have her here for the holidays after two years away.
On my husband’s side of the family, all the cousins were present and accounted for, something we haven’t experienced for five years. And we had a wonderful new addition to the family with the first great-grandchild for my mother-in-law.

We are very fortunate, and I think that’s something we shouldn’t take for granted. The past year was not easy for many people. I’m astonished at how many families I know who lost loved ones, particularly in the past couple of months. All of those families are struggling to face a holiday season with an important person missing. And, they will have a year of ‘firsts’ ahead of them. I know from past experience how difficult that can be.
I also know a couple of people who experienced serious injury and sickness in the past few months. For them, they have a long road of recovery ahead.
So, I have a wish for 2017.
I wish the people who have suffered loss to have the strength to get through the year of ‘firsts’. I wish those who are injured or sick to hold on tightly to their determination to be well again. I wish those who haven’t suffered difficulties in the recent past to think about those who have, and to have compassion and understanding for them.
And to everyone, I wish a year full of happy surprises and continued blessings.
P.S. Please forgive my multiple wishes when I promised only one.

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