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I had an interesting experience this week. I met a man from Australia who has penned a non-fiction book and would like to have it published. When he heard I had written a novel he wanted to know how I had found a publisher. This was a first for me. I haven’t had much opportunity to mingle with fellow authors, and I certainly have never found myself in a position to give advice to anyone. All I could do was share my very limited experience with him.

In addition to sharing my story, I told him how I read a lot of blogs and articles about writing, constantly trying to improve my skills. It think of it as a personal challenge to try to become better at what I do.  I told him about my own blog and how I make an attempt to be present on social media.

But, I think the most important message I had for him was not to give up. Publishing is a big world, and it’s easy to get discouraged. I’m sure there are millions of writers in the world and a very small percentage of them become best-sellers, and only a few become household names. But, you have to keep doing what you enjoy, and believe me, there’s no point in being a writer if you don’t enjoy it.

This a message that can be shared with everyone, no matter what they do in life. Do something you enjoy, it’s as simple as that.  Don’t do it for the money. If you don’t like what you do every day, in the end it won’t be worth it. Find something you enjoy, whether it’s a career or a hobby, but make it something that challenges you without becoming a weight around your shoulders, something that makes you glad to get up in the morning, and the rest will take care of itself.


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