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Progress is being made

Things are moving quickly. It’s seems as if every day there’s a new task, or something to think about. From all I have heard, and from my own past experience, the publishing world can move like a slug. Not so, these days. A little over three weeks ago, I sent my ‘final’ manuscript to the publisher in Word format. Last week, I received it back in .pdf with the instructions that I had to edit it and send them any format or content corrections. I immediately set to my task with enthusiasm.
Meanwhile, I received e-mails concerning covers from one person, pricing decisions from someone else, pre-orders from another, and social networking from yet another person. The Facebook author’s page is constantly throwing out ideas, news, questions, and support.
I also had my own list of homework to do, which included, among other things, getting a new author photo, updating my social media sites, and finding reviewers.
My head is spinning, but it’s a very happy spin. This is really the fun part of writing. Sitting back and looking at the whole process objectively, this is easier than struggling to get your idea onto paper in a coherent and entertaining fashion. Much easier.
The .pdf is now edited. I just have to hit the send button. I’ve checked off a few ‘to dos’, added a few others. In a matter of days, I will do my cover reveal, and I will continue updating my sites. Eventually, I will get back to writing.
All I have to add is that I’m eternally grateful to Black Rose Writing for this opportunity to have fun.

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