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Since this is my first posting on my site, I thought a little introduction was in order. I will be brief. You’ll be able to get more information from my future blogs.

This spring, I will have my novel, Betrayal, published by Second Wind Publishing, a small company located in North Carolina.  It’s a very exciting time for me. Today, it seems, it’s also a bit of a stressful time. I had to wait until my family left the house before I was able to settle down enough to write this post.  I am still very much in the early stages of social media communication and not feeling very comfortable with it.

All I really want to do today is thank my family and friends for their support.  I am very fortunate and, even though I may not express my feelings often enough, I do appreciate everyone in my life.

I would also like to add a little explanation about the photograph you see on the top of my page. It was taken from the top of Whistler Blackcomb mountain in British Columbia. My daughter, Rachel, who is presently working at the ski resort, took the picture with her cell phone and sent it to us. I was struck by the beauty of the scenery. She is a lucky girl to be in such lovely surroundings. However, she is very far away from us, and we love her and miss her every day.

On my Facebook and Twitter pages, you will see photos taken by our other beautiful daughter, Brianna, who hopefully will be willing to contribute regularly in the future. She has many talents, one of which is as an amateur photographer.

Finally, in two days, on March 16th, my first blog will be published on my publisher’s blog site. Please feel free to read it and comment.

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