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California Dreaming

Almost a week has passed since our return from The Golden State, and I’m still feeling the effects. No, I’m not talking about the jet lag or the head cold I picked up somewhere over North America on the way back. I’m referring, first of all, to the wonderful memories of the scenery, the sunshine, the activities, and the many fantastic sights and sounds of California from Los Angeles to San Francisco. It was a trip to be remembered as these pictures can attest.


If I put on my writer hat, the highlight of the trip was my participation at the two book festivals in the state over the course of the two weekends. I had never been involved in anything of the sort, so just being there was exciting for me. Being given the opportunity to display my book along with many others from the Black Rose Writing family and having the chance to meet other authors and people involved in the publishing industry put me over the top.
My first stop was at the L.A. Times Festival of Books. I had a signing spot of an hour and a half at the BRW booth, where I had the opportunity to meet other BRW authors, Michael Hughes, Cheryl Malakoff, Trent St-Germain, Alysia Helming, Brad Chisholm and Claire Kim.

The following weekend, I was at the Bay Area Book Festival in Berkeley, and I had the pleasure of spending the day with Brad, Claire, and their son Cole. And, we had Matthew Brockmeyer popping in to visit with us a few times during the day.

Apart from the beautiful weather and the experience of being surrounded by book lovers on each of those days, I had the pleasure of meeting so many varied and interesting individuals, whether they were Black Rose authors or people who stopped by to chat as they browsed the booths. From every one of those people I learned something new. It may have been about writing, publishing, promoting, or coping with life as a writer, but I appreciate every moment I spent at those festivals, and I hope they will be the first of many more to come.  Cheers!


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